Saturday, 2 June 2012


Dailymades is 200 days old today!

To celebrate this bicentennial, I've drawn up the list you see below of all materials used to date, which already exceeds 200. Read more about the project on my weeklyweaves blog.

airmail envelopes, alexanders, apple peel, babybel cheese, baking beads, balloons, balls, balsam poplar prunings, bamboo skewers, banana fibre, banana skin, belts, berry pins, billiard balls, bin liners, broccoli, building blocks, cable, cable ties, carabiner key chain, card, cardboard, cellotape, cellotape roll, centre cane, chairs, cherry prunings, chicken bones, chinese cedar bark, chocolate coin wrappers, clam shells, clothes pegs, cloves, coat hangers, coffee stirrers, colour chart, coloured pencils shavings, comb, confetti, connector blocks, copy paper, cotoneaster, cotton, thread, crayons, credit card, dental sticks, dish holder, dogwood, drawing pins, edible colouring, elastic bands, electrical cabling, envelopes, eucalyptus bark (stringy bark), fabric, felt tips, fishing line, foam, garden twine, glass beads, graphite, grass, greaseproof paper, ground coffee, hair, handkerchiefs, hazel suckers, hedgrow cuttings, hemlock, hole punches, hundreds and thousands, jute twine, knitting needles, latex, lemon, lime suckers, lining paper, locks, magazines, magnetic pin holder, mandarins, manilla paper, masking tape, mussel shells, napkin, natural bristles, newspapers, orange peel, paint, paint tray, palm leaves, palm tree leaf sheaths, paper clips, paper cups, party poppers, pecan nuts, pencils, phormium leaves, plastic bag, plastic forks, plastic sheeting, plastic strips, post-it notes, printed paper, puzzle pieces, raffia, rhinestones, royal icing, safety pins, sand, scoubidoo thread, screws, seaweed, shredded newspaper, skewers, skimming ladles, smarties boxes, socks, spinning top, stamps, staples, stickers, sticks, stones, strapping tape, straws, string, sugar, sugarpaste, sweets, sycamore, tape, tape measure, thread, toilet paper, toilet roll, toothpicks, treasury tags, twigs, vines, willow, wire, wood, wool, yarn.